The place chronicle of the book nollywood

  1. BFFs Uche Jombo and Desmond Elliot produce ‘The Place’
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  4. Movies can shift social norms by influencing people

Their mission is to go to heaven and steal the book of life, which they refer to for some reason as 'the chronicle of the book', in order to write. The Nollywood superstar friends released a new production titled “The Place: Chronicle of the Book” in and BN Movies & TV brings you. Washington: Recently a Nigerian feature film helped researchers in a Nigerian film called 'Water of Gold' was rolled out amongst places. 'Water of Gold' is a Nollywood film (a loose term referring to the About Us Contact Us Classifieds Book Classifieds Feedback Careers E-Paper Privacy Policy.

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The Place Chronicle Of The Book Nollywood

Download THE MISSING BOOK OF CHRONICLES - NEW NIGERIAN MOVIES Elliot Cult Makes Move To Steal The Chronicles Of The Book In " The Place ". Free Download and Streaming the place chronicle of the book nollywood full movie on your Mobile Phone or PC/Desktop. Download the place chronicle of the . Watch/Stream Online or Download download the place chronicle of the book full movie by desmond gepbansbassmenve.ga4. & More Nollywood, Hausa/Kannywood.

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Author Nollywood REinvented.

Synopsis A group of unemployed layabouts are chosen by a secret cult to go get them a holy book from an unknown place, and only through death can this mission be accomplished. Length The movie, the place, has only one part: Director Desmond Elliot. Producer Uche Jombo. Screenplay Patrick Onyeka.

BFFs Uche Jombo and Desmond Elliot produce ‘The Place’

Year Our Rating. Audience Rating. Rate Here. All in all the story is a bit ridiculous but it does have its moments.

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What's your reaction? About the Author. You might also like. As the movie begins he pulls you along the house, our [ Nollywood REinvented. Myne Whitman. Leave a Response. Connect with. View All. Latest Headline. May 22, Latest Posts.

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Banga soup is made from palm nuts and is eaten in the south and mid-western parts of Nigeria. Ofe akwu is made from palm nuts, but prepared more like a stew meant to be eaten with rice. Miyan kuka common among the Hausa people is made from powdered baobab leaves and dried okra.

Movies can shift social norms by influencing people

Miyan yakuwa is a famous Hausa soup. Ewedu Edikaikong is a vegetable soup which originated with the Annang and Efik people. Gbegiri is a bean-based stew from southwest Nigeria. Pepper soup is a light soup made from a mix of meat and fish with spices; this is one of the few soups in Nigerian cuisine that can be eaten alone and is not used as a sauce for a carbohydrate main dish such as fufu or pounded yam.

It can be made with nutmeg and chili peppers, it can be garnished with fish, goat meat or chicken. Peppersoup is an appetizer at official gatherings however, it is consumed in the evening at pubs and social gatherings. Afang is a vegetable soup which originated with the Efik people, Ibibio people and Ananng people in the southeast of Nigeria.

Corn soup known locally as omi ukpoka, is made with ground dry corn and blended with smoked fish, it is a common food of the Afemai people from Agenebode in northern Edo state. Draw soup is made from ogbono seeds cooked until they thicken. Egusi soup is thickened with ground melon seeds and contains leafy and other vegetables and meat, it is eaten with dishes like amala , pounded yam, etc.

Groundnut stew is made with ground dry groundnuts and vegetables, meat, local seasoning and palm oil by the Etsakor people in Edo state. Rice stew , similar to Maafe, is a stew made from goat , beef or chicken and cooked with a tomato , onion and groundnut sauce.

Ogbono soup is made with ground ogbono seeds, with leafy greens, other vegetables and meat. Ogbono is eaten with many dishes similar to pounded yam, fufu, etc. White soup is made with utazi leaves; the soup is not white, hence its name. Bitterleaf soup Ofada stew is a palm-oil-based stew popularly known in western Nigeria.

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