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    Gothic Beauty is an American magazine established by editor Steven Holiday in the fall of Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. Read Gothic Beauty PDF - Gothic Beauty Coloring Book full of Whimsy, Fantasy and FUN! Created by Artist Deborah Muller. by Deborah Muller. English | 68 pages | True PDF | Mb. views. Category: Style. Download PDF Magazine. Free Download from USENET. Tag: Gothic Beauty.

    Frontman for the three decades-old, hard-core, punk band, Social Distortion, Ness has been recording and performing solo material since around the time of the Woodstock Festival, which is where I first saw him live. At that time he captivated the crowd of with his utterly sincere manner and rock-with-a-country-twang style. He is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, artist, clothes designer and customizer of vintage cars. Punk and hardcore have come and gone, sending both the celebrated and the little known to obscurity. Yet after thirty years, major personal struggles and numerous tragedies, Mike Ness and MN: Social Distortion have not only survived, but have continued to grow in success and recognition, adding a second generation of fans to their loyal following. Mike Ness proved to be a remarkably modest, friendly person to interview. He was quick to give credit to many others in music who inspired him, and clear in his love of America and American culture in all its many expressions. Mike Ness: Well, last night was the first night and it was pretty good. DrJ: Are the opening bands mainly local people from the regions your tour is passing through? DrJ: Do you have a big say on picking the opening acts or do your managerial people do that for you? MN: They initiate it and then I have to approve it. DrJ: Do you get contacted much by bands that would like to open for you or that feel they should be performing with you? MN: Chuckles Yeah!

    And there were bands like X and the Scorchers that I liked.

    I just like connecting the two styles, then giving it a bit of an edge. Or was that before your time? MN: There was a little bit of that, of that mid-sixties, late sixties stuff. He was the country guy. Then it just progressed into the glitter years, to Ziggy Stardust and to T Rex and little bit of Kiss. Then I got into the Clash and the Sex Pistols.

    This is going to be my whole life. Where do you think that those interests come from? MN: Well, early experiences.

    We want to do a documentary. Except that I would put a couple new things on the record. DrJ: Do you agree that a lot of your early stuff was self-critical and despairing?

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    MN: Definitely. We feel very lucky to be enjoying this amount success so many years into our careers. What a trip! How cool is this? I know I am very, very lucky. DrJ: Good luck with the rest of the tour.

    He showed this piece that was a three-channel video installation, but instead of being side by side so you can view them simultaneously like mine, it was in a triangle, so you could only view one screen at a time. He also dealt with conflicting structures of time, so it just made me think about the way you could approach three different aspects of something or show multiple versions simultaneously. How were the groups and music chosen?

    I used to be a musician for many years. » Mike Ness Aquarian Interview

    I sang, played guitar and Theremin. Having recorded albums and worked with different bands, I really like to have a layered soundtrack. I feel like sound is just as important as the visuals. Everything is just very specific to the story. I have a lot of drone tones in there as well. I saw Joseph Keckler perform, who is a performance artist in New York. He was so incredibly dark, with this gothic beauty. I basically lured him into acting the film because he just was the perfect person.

    Cipkice , the choir in the Croatia segment, sang a variety of songs.

    They sent me a selection and I picked the ones that had the moods and the lyrics that best fit what I was making. I had this group of actors cleaning and polishing the monument in this gesture of preservation, but also of purification and protection.

    At some point, I had them marching in a circle around the monument and naturally, they all started whistling a song that I was not familiar with, and it sounded very Slavic. It was some partisan workers song from Yugoslavian history, a song of solidarity among the working class. I was like, this is so perfect to fit in with the themes of my film, and it came about completely organically.

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    The soundtrack is really composed of opera, black metal music, experimental music, compositions, sound effects, ambient sound, voiceover, dialogue tracks and performed songs. I did most of the sound design myself with help along the way by the various editors. There are six speakers and three sets of stereo mixes for each one.

    MC: What was the inspiration for the cabinet of curiosities? Most of them have been altered in some way. They all are things that I found or made. I think often when things are props in films, they just get thrown out, or reused. All these things were special to begin with, then through the experience of being in the film, they now have the energy of whatever happened in the film.

    I wanted to elevate them by presenting them in this glassed-off, illuminated cabinet. I added the labels to add this taxonomic, energy of a natural history museum. These were archived and catalogued — again, elevating them to the status of being important artifacts. The shoes belong to be actress Karolin Brandi who played Karo.

    Gothic Beauty - Issue 47, 2015 - Download

    It was one of the last things we filmed and her shoes got completely destroyed from being dragged over and over again. It was a very emotional and difficult scene. As a gesture of healing and thinking about scraped up and skin, I replaced the laces with sinew, an animal product, and laced and tied them together. It enveloped the meaning that they now have to me. Now, another example is the little monkey… MC: That is seen floating at some point in the film, right?

    ATW: Yes, I have a lot of objects that are suspended and rotating. The monkey was actually given to my father when he got on the train to go to the boat to come to America.

    He was really scared, really young and his sister stayed behind. The irony is that she had, unbeknownst to her, a brain tumor at the time, and only lived for another year or two, and my father live to be He gave that monkey to me when I was a child, and told me the story about what his sister said.